Sulcabrush Replacement tips, handles and cases.

About Sulcabrush.

Flossing everyday is important! If you have difficulty flossing – simplify – by using a Sulcabrush®.

Healthy gums is our satisfaction!

Clinically proven to HELP STOP BLEEDING GUMS, theSulcabrush® was the creation of a Dentist who looked for aneasy solution for his patients who did not floss.

Searching history, Dr. Florence realized the Natural Toothbrush,known as a “chew-stick” was used for centuries, and still is incountries such as India (neem) and Africa (Miswaki).

Following the principles found in nature, Dr. Florence designedand developed an ‘angled’ (firm bristled) brush that resembledthe Natural ‘twig’ used for centuries. He called it Sulcabrush®(The space between the gums and teeth is a ‘Sulcus’).

The effectiveness of the Sulcabrush® in removing plaque,reducing gingivitis and improving patient overall health hasbeen proven in research studies and in practice for many years.

Today, thousands of people LOVE using the Sulcabrush®!

It is easy, convenient and can even be used outside thebathroom – Reading a book, watching TV or traveling.Sulcabrush provides the ultimate’ home careexperience – for your gums.

Simplify – and try!